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ananda amenet reid

I’m an intuitive artist, which means when I paint, I’m consciously inviting inspiration and intuition to flow through me, thus enabling the ‘awen’ to guide my work.

‘Awen’ is a Welsh word meaning ‘divine inspiration’. It’s particularly associated with poetic and artistic insight that flows through a person when called upon. My role is to be actively open to the process, whether in the preparation or making stage. Therefore, meditation and channelling are an important part of my painting practice.


In terms of subject, I’m responsive to what arises. Even so, as the filter through which the creative source pours, my personal passions tend to be expressed and the subject matter of my art often connects to my other role in life, as a shamanic soul guide.

Much of my work is about spiritual energy and its expression. I touch on the journey of the soul, exploring darkness and light, trance states and otherworld journeys, the inner landscapes that exist within all of us, emitting energetic frequencies that go deep, if we let them.

I am currently making work in two different styles of painting, smaller gouache pictures on 100% cotton archival quality paper and larger canvas pieces using pigment powder dyes. The dyes are transparent, highly pigmented watercolour inks that are packed in drums in the form of a dry, crystalline powder. The colours are vibrant and have a responsive and playful relationship with water.

Water is vitally important, it’s the creator of my canvas paintings almost as much as I am.  I utilise rain, sometimes waiting days until the right kind of rain comes along. I need a specific kind of rain, depending on the effect I’m after. Sometimes, it’s a deluge and I must completely surrender, sometimes, a soft, fine, misty rain gives my subject exactly the texture I’m after. The rain paintings are a dance between sacred water and the minerals. Making these paintings is an act of surrender, getting myself out of the way. I realise more and more that life is about this very thing.

I love working with the pigments and love that water plays a prominent role in making the paintings. I’m the hand, waiting for guidance.  If I allow the guidance to be actualised, it’s easy and everything flows.  Sometimes, it flows so effortlessly, it’s like magic.  Actually, it is magic.  The magic of water and minerals and a consciousness greater than mine that always shows up.

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