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Karen Hopkins

After travelling extensively for years I ended up in Thailand with some left over face paints from the kids expo in Sydney. Sitting on a beach one day I started doodling with them. A guy appeared from nowhere and asked if he could buy my postcard painting... And so, from that moment, my long burning ambition to paint grew stronger.


I have studied at the West Wales School of Arts.  Foundation Course, and a Fine Art BA Hons in Drawing and Painting  (2003 -2007)


I have done exhibitions and commissioned work, art Workshops and charity work in Taganga, Magdelena, Colombia (2007-2012) 


I have been an art tutor at Links in Llanelli (mental health charity) (2014-2022)


I have done a solo exhibition at Caffi Lolfa Burry Port (June- August 2022)


Over the past few years I’ve been challenged with change, internally and externally.

We are changing, the world is changing.


I take daily observational nature walks and sketches, mesmerised by the ever changing cycle of growth and decay. I find beauty in every stage of the ever-changing seasons….of both landscapes, and the body.


Through my paintings, I am on a continuous cycle, 'add, cover, remove, repeat.' Scraping and scratching surfaces, revealing the reminiscence of past mark makings and rawness.  I marvel at the natural organic forms that the alchemy of the drying substances unveil.  A notion of the natural process of time maybe? Transparent, wrinkly skins juxtaposed with baron and dusty textures. I reflect, a glimpse of luminosity seems hopeful on the horizon.


I experiment and have fun with mixed media, oils and acrylic, recycling and using domestic materials, such as coffee, tea and wax. 

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