kathleen lloyd  

My work comes from a love of travelling and exploring both traditional and contempory culture. The destinations I have travelled to have been chosen for the authenticity in which people have a passion for their traditions and thereby stay connected to their culture.

By immersing myself in the communities that I have visited, I have gained skills and understanding of natural dyes and technics developed in the layers of the country’s history. When I further explore my fascination for natural dyeing and the Alchemist magic my designs have resulted in unique Textile Art. 

It is through the Eco printing process of leaves and flowers, found in the hedgerows and woodlands in Carmarthenshire, responding to  natural elements and dyes, that an authentic local art form has developed. My designs are taken to another level, either by printing on delicate silk or on linen, enhanced with subtle stitch, to form a collection of vibrant, unique Textile Art.