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  oksana stasiene  

Oksana has been restoring and dealing in teddy bears and other soft toys since 2006, when Old Teddy Bear World was founded. and has helped over 3,000 teddy bears get a new lease of life and be cherished again.  Oksana has worked for the former Christie's auctioneer Daniel Agnew assisting in teddy bear auctions and thus acquiring  a wide range of experience and information. 

It wasn't too long before she started creating her own teddy bears. They are all individually hand crafted from a variety of materials - mohair, alpaca, wool or silk plush, velvet, Welsh blankets, old curtains or even cardigans. Often an interesting or unique piece of fabric would inspire her to create a teddy bear out of it! A lot of the fabrics are recycled, but mostly a combination of new and old which creates uniquely individual pieces.


The teddy bears are stuffed with natural fibres - kapok and wood-wool (oe excelsior) and heavy fibre polyester. Teddy bears are jointed with copper pin joints, with glass or boot button eyes, nose, mouth and claws are hand stitched - the same way it was  done a hundred years ago.


The Teddy bears are advertised and sold under the name 'Llanelli Arth' and are available, along with other needle felted pieces at Y Tŷ Celf – The Art House Gallery in No. 1 John Street, Llanelli.

To purchase any pieces, please contact Oksana:

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