penny prileszky  

Penny studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Newcastle upon Tyne in the late 80’s, but returned to art education, and Carmarthen School of Art, to study Fine Art as a mature student.


She has been teaching full time since graduating in 2002, and currently holds the post of Curriculum Manager for Art & Design in a large Secondary school in Carmarthenshire.


She has participated in a national sketchbook project for the last five years, producing collaborative visual dialogues with a different artist every year. This work has led to inclusion in several group exhibitions, and Penny has also contributed to three charity art auctions.


“This body of work draws upon a wealth of influences, but I am particularly inspired by the kitsch and the retro. My use of colour and pattern reflects this, and recurring motifs aim to suggest transient and fleeting flashes of memory, in the same way that a song or smell can evoke a sense of nostalgia”.


“I am rediscovering my creative practice by merging materials, processes and influences, allowing each layer to affect what has gone before. My images are the result of purposeful play; I use simple shapes, but ‘complicate’ them through my use of textures and varying surfaces. I aim to encourage the viewer to spend time looking for these unexpected qualities in my work, hence the small scale of the pieces”.

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