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  ursula nash  

Ursula is from Carlisle and has been in Llanelli since 2019 moving to be nearer her family. She has previously exhibited in various places as well as working with Brockhampton Estate and has been an artist since 1997.


Ursula describes herself as an Abstract Fine Artist, her art is about making herself and other people happy,

Ursula loves to observe viewers who are intrigued by her work trying to make connections with the piece and the title, she describes herself as a mark maker who loves colour and texture and gets inspiration from the world that she walks through. 


Ursula trained as an artist in Westport and Galway, Southern Ireland in 1998-2002 before coming back to England.


Ursula works with combinations of textiles, acrylics, inks and fine black pen to produce interesting and original pieces, her colleagues describe her work as thought provoking, imaginative with an energy that is  exciting, subtle and delicate. Her work is influenced by her struggles with mental health as is played a large part in jump-starting her love for art and her need to continue creating while battling through the toughest fights with depression.


Ursula has been an artist member of Y Ty Celf since 2022 having rekindled her passion for creativity through a series of workshops with her colleagues at Ty Celf.

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