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Y Tŷ Celf - The Art House works in the community with various partners and Arts Council Grant funding to bring about rewarding workshops in 2Dand 3D visual arts. There is something to suit everyone. 

multi cultural network 

Y Ty Celf work closely with the MCN in Llanelli and have run workshops for those people who have settled in Llanelli.

YTC welcomed ladies from Ukraine on a 6 week creative project around different arts and crafts and explored the challenges facing these ladies, the art allowing an opportunity for self expression and discussions. YTC were fortunate to have Oksana on board to help with the language barriers. 

The Young people also made Graffiti Boards which will be displaid on the outside of YTC, this was sponsored by Fusion. 

The project was led by Lisa Evans of School of Art in Carmarthen and supported by our artists. 

A further project in the Autumn called On your doorstep helped our participants to appreciate the nature around us in Llanelli and they created jewellery from sea glass, autumn leaves in stained glass as well as abstract nature paintings. A celebratory exhibition took place at John Street to showcase all the wonderful pieces made. 

In 2023 MCN and YTC went outdoors and took part in an Improve your photography workshop, looking at nature at Park Howard, an exhibition took place to celebrate the photographs where each participant was encouraged to explain their choice of photograph. Quite an insightful evening. 




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