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Karen Fitzpatrick

Karen Fitzpatrick
BA(Hons) Fine Art
Mbe.Hicat.prac (Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist)

Karen is a contemporary abstract landscape artist and creative arts facilitator. Karen grew
up in South Wales where from an early age she developed a love of nature and being
outdoors. Karen has always had a passion for the Arts and in 1998 graduated from Coventry
University with a BA(Hons) Fine Art degree. After graduation, Karen worked on various art
projects and exhibitions and made the move to become a professional artist in early 2020.
Landscape has always been her inspiration, and Karen is currently enjoying exploring new
landscapes along the Carmarthenshire coastline. In November 2022 Karen qualified as a
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist giving her the skills to use creative arts therapy
processes to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing by supporting individuals through
self-expression, self-understanding, and healthy self-image.

Karen is a mixed media artist. She begins her paintings by sketching and taking photographs
out in the landscape. She tries to soak up the essence of the place, capturing colours, lines,
and her emotional response to the landscape around her. Karen connects with nature in a
way that excites her, and her intention is to convey this in her paintings. Colour, marks and
texture are all important to Karen in her work. Once back in her studio, Karen likes to work
with a limited colour palette, deciding at the start of a painting on just three or four colours.
Her initial marks are loose, intuitive, and spontaneous, she then works back into the
painting, layering colours, and often stripping back areas to reveal hidden glimpses from
beneath until she reaches that moment where she feels at peace with the painting,
achieving a sense of her initial emotional response.

“To be true to my authentic self I feel a need to be creative and I am propelled by my desire
to see how far I can take my practice. My art is within me, I am the only person who can
create my art. This excites me.” Karen Fitzpatrick

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