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Health & Wellbeing 2022  

The Art of Belonging

In the summer of 2021 Y Tŷ Celf worked with Platform4Change to pilot a programme of 14 arts and craft sessions for the young people Platfform work with. Platfform are a mental health/social change charity that gives  young people opportunities to share their experiences of mental health with others who face similar challenges and learn new strategies to promote their wellbeing.


Arts Council Wales are currently funding a 12 month programme of young people’s arts & craft workshops in different mediums that explores what it means to belong, how being creative can make us feel part of something and help us to connect with self and others.

Create 2022  

Exploring Identity 

Exploring Identity 2022  encouraged creative exploration of individual identity in a workshop context of shared artistic activity and conversation.


The project provided accessible arts and craft workshops  to the community in a safe and encouraging non-judgemental environment, nurturing creative talent and enabling individuals to make social connections, explore identity, build self-esteem and confidence  post lockdown.


Three clear strands.

  • Affordable workshops for the general public including 3D mediums, silver and copper jewellery, woodturning, textiles, glass techniques, mosaics & 2D  painting with watercolours, landscape acrylics and abstract mixed media.

  •  working in partnership with organisations that support refugee families in Carmarthenshire with a series of Open Days during school holidays using creative workshop themes based on local heritage and tradition to develop a sense of identity within their local community whilst forging connections & support networks with each other and their community.

  •  supporting artists through Professional Practice sessions for both emerging and experienced artists incorporating Critical Response Feedback and Business Development in a supportive environment.  We recognise that artists working in isolation need support to grow and to learn from each other and ensure high quality of workshops.


Covid Recovery Arts & Craft Workshops 1 & 2


We received Cultural Recovery Funding through Arts Council Wales in November 2020 and June 2021 which enabled us to run 2 Covid Recovery Arts & Craft Workshop Programmes until September 2021.


These face-to-face and zoom sessions aimed to support people through the pandemic, give them a safe space to talk about how they were coping and provide a creative activity. The sessions had a profound effect on many participants, bringing joy, connection and company to many people who were struggling, together with a sense of achievement at having learnt a new skill or discovered something new about themselves in the creative process.


QUOTES from participants

“You are doing amazing work. And I really feel that the fact of making connections is what it's all about these days. The isolation is really crippling and crazy making. Things that bring us together are so important. You do this all with such flair & joy. I can't say enough how inspired I am by what you're doing out in the world”


“The groups were small, but they were not people I would usually spend time with (strangers), so it was really helpful in getting used to being back in the world. Also, being absorbed in art for a few hours helped you to forget COVID, briefly, which was a welcome respite.”


“My mental health has improved by taking time out just for myself and socialising whilst producing art and feeling a sense of achievement.”

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