Y Tŷ Celf - The Art House is working in Llanelli alongside Llanelli Art Society and Llanelly House to provide an online gallery as well as physical exhibition space and arts and crafts workshops - subject to Cover-19 restructions these are either via ZOOM or in person. 

We focus on the hidden and emerging artists to draw out the treasures from the land and it's people. Valuing the culture and industrial heritage of Wales, making art the heart of the community.

 future plans 

We hope to connect with the innovative and creative heritage of the town whilst bringing celebration, creativity, festival and colour to release a creative enterprise culture and promote health and wellbeing.

We have recieved funding from Arts Council Wales and the Welsh Government to deliver a series of Covid Recovery Arts & Craft workshops through Autumn 2020 to March 2021, encouraging people to explore their creativity, connect with people and support other artists and makers during these challengin times.

From April onwards we hope to continue with a range of workshops, and other collaborative activities. 

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