deb chapman  

My artwork is a personal exploration of and response to the world around me with a focus on bringing the ‘unseen’ spiritual realm in to the physical realm. It is very much a journey, what the old Celtic monks called peregrinatio (wandering for the love of God), but an internal journey as well as an external one. The physical movement involved in creating a piece of work is as important as the marks made and the end result. 


I am inspired by the early Celtic Christians in Wales and the way in which they fused their creativity with their new found faith. Movement and journey was so rooted in the Celtic culture, the ‘open ended curve’ or ‘sinusoidal wave expressed a freedom of spirit also found in their art, torques, manuscripts, shields and everyday objects. The Celts were brokers in time and space where nothing was finite, no edges or boundaries and everything was possible – something I seek to emulate. 


I may use sacred text or an image of a geographical sacred space as a starting point and feel my way through the process. I use structured gels, coffee grounds, egg shells and acrylics to create texture, depth, layers and movement that seek to draw the viewer in through earthy and tactile pieces. 


The works are unique in that they look through the physical and open the viewer up to see the ordinary life or landscapes in a new light. 


Having come to the art world later in life I am at the beginning of a new phase of adventure, exploring more of my Welsh heritage, language learning and communication that feels risky but exciting.

Contact: Deb Chapman on 07974 213362 or email

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